Patent Pending

monogram pro the only protective device that keeps

your loupes out of the shield

Face shields are perfect protective tools for Dentists and loupes users, but they are associated with many challenges as they cover your loupes and often obscure your headlight leaving you with inappropriate  protection.

With the patent pending monogram pro you will be wearing the shield while having your TTL loupes and your headlight positioned out of the shield, with a perfect fitting for a great protection and best comfort and convenience.




monogram pro the perfect solution for


The loupes are exposed out of the shield, so they retain their original vision power



The headlight will stay out of the shield, maintaining the illumination sharpness and quality



The shield is a physical barrier that perfectly covers the face to protect it from

the dropping aerosol



All parts are light weight, molded together for flexible, and unrestricted head movement

monogram_2.1_-_blue__with light.jpg

monogram pro 1

The device is an optical frame

on which all parts are mounted

monogram pro 2

The device is a frame that is fixed to your own optical frame, on which all parts are mounted

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 This is not a medical device

you still need to stick to all required measures to fully protect yourself and your clients from coronavirus or any other harmful substance.