The convenient solution


Monogram pro 1.1 is a special protective device that provides dentists and loupes users with a perfectly fit shield that grants a good level of protection, and allows them to keep their TTL loupes and headlights out of the shield to gain the best vision clarity.

It fits all TTL loupes sizes thanks to its adjustable functional pieces.

It is comfortable, very light, friendly useable, and can be easily assembled and disassembled for the daily disinfecting.


The device is an OPTICAL FRAME on which:

  • The TTL loupes will be mounted
  • The protective shield will be attached
  • The adjusting functional piece will be held
  • The optional light arm will be fixed


Rest assured that we provide all required support, and after sales services.


We customize all special requests of the loupes users or companies.


For assembling please consult the steps in the links below:

monogram pro 1.1 parts& info

monogram pro 1.1 assembling steps

monogram pro 1.1 first time setup

monogram pro 1.1