The simple solution


Monogram pro 2.2 is a protective device that provides dentists, and loupes users with a big sized protective shield for better face covering with a special adjusting function to fit any TTL loupes sizes behind it.

The device has a special nosepad and a headband for the best comfort.

 It is extra light, friendly useable, and can be easily assembled and disassembled for the daily disinfecting.


This one-piece device  is a FRAME that will be:

  • Fixed on your own optical frame which the TTL loupes are already mounted on
  • Holding the protective shield
  • Holding the adjusting functional pieces
  • Carrying the the optional light arm to hold the headligh on


Rest assured that we provide all required support, and after sales services.


We customize all special requests of the loupes users or companies.


For assembling please consult the steps in the links below:

monogram pro 2.2 parts& info

monogram pro 2.2 assembling steps


monogram pro 2.2