monogram shield / ZEISS BlueProtect is an optical frame with ZEISS BlueProtect lenses, and a face shield that can be easily mounted on.


The frame is elegent, minimalistic, and manufactured with the 3D printed technology.


Ideal indoors thanks to ZEISS lenses with the BlueProtect technology that provide a protection from the harmful blue light emitted by televisions, computer screens, or tablets.


Ideal outdoors thanks to its easy mountable, and super light clear shield.


If power lenses are required we advise you to purchase our monogram shield and take it to your optician to mount on your prescription lenses.


monogram shield black / ZEISS BlueProtect lens

    • 3D printed eyewear with mountable protective transparent shield 
    • Available in different sizes and colors
    • ZEISS BlueProtect clear lenses with easy to clean coating
    • Adjustable frame by heating along with its earpieces
    • Adaptable titanium nosepad  
    • Asian fit adjusting abilty for all models (just make us a note in the comment box on the product page)