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About Monogram Eyewear

Dubai, the number one cosmopolitan, and the most appealing city for businesses and individuals is where we are located.

It's where we create our designs, where our innovative ideas are born, and where passionate hands do the full in-house production to deliver our niche, exclusive, but dynamic brand.

To meet our customers expectations of uniqueness, and individuality; we always seek to come up with intelligent, smart technologies and combine it with our authentic handcraft work.

The result; sophisticated and smart yet elegant and minimalistic timeless pieces of art.     

IMG_2916-HDR-Edit copy_edited.jpg

Our In-House Production

Each piece of monogram is produced in-house in our headquarters, which gives it great flexibility to customization, and allows us to deliver the best quality eyewear.

Dubai Inspiration For Innovation and Creativity

As a grown-up business in Dubai, we are surrounded by the spirit of innovation and creativity, and continuously empowered by all manners of superior infrastructure, strong logistic networks, and not ending with the creative business solutions, which allows us to deliver nothing but excellence

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Sustainability is our responsibility 

Energy reduction, waste elimination, minimum material consumption, and thus environment protection are the criteria of our production model and responsibility toward enhancing a better sustainable environment for all of us and the future to come.

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