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Monogram Aviation

Monogram aviation sunglasses are premium sunglasses specifically designed for pilots and other aviation professionals.

These sunglasses are crafted to provide the optimum protection, the best enhanced visibility, and the maximum comfort.

With their special construction and advanced features, these sunglasses are a must-have for anyone who spends time in the skies.

aviation speciality sunglasses with zeiss sunlens

Whether you're a pilot or a frequent flyer, or simply someone who values quality and comfort, Monogram Aviation offers a unique combination an unparalleled experience that no other sunglasses do. Let's explore the benefits that make Monogram Eyewear the ultimate choice for you.

​Best Visibility & Protection

We carefully select the best lenses from ZEISS that offer a 100% protection against harmful UV rays, and

deliver optimal visual clarity by minimizing distortion while presenting colours in their most natural form.

Distracting Reflection Elimination

The lenses are quipped with a backside anti-reflection coating, effectively mitigating side light distortion and annoying reflections to enhance the ideal vision clarity.

Cockpit Instruments Optimum Clarity

Monogram Aviation Sunglasses feature gradient non-polarized lenses, maintaining the reflection of the cockpit instruments and optimizing visibility and clarity of screens and flight desk displays.

​Enhanced Comfort

The super lightweight makes monogram aviation ideal for the extended periods of wear during long flights hours.

Best Wearing Experience

Temples are made of high-quality, hypoallergenic, and durable titanium,

which are exceptionally thin yet strong, ensuring compatibility with headsets while minimizing discomfort or interference and irritation.

Tailored Fit

The Monogram Aviation Sunglasses frame is customizable to accommodate a wide range of face measurements, allowing for a personalized, and precise fit.

Prescription Ability (RX-able)

Monogram Aviation Sunglasses can be ordered with personalized prescriptions, allowing individuals to enjoy both visual correction and the benefits of these exceptional lenses.


Discover monogram aviation sunglasses that go beyond It's time to experience the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and personalization. Welcome to the world of our extraordinary eyewear.

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